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Engineering Group

“We strongly believe in teamwork, mutual collaboration, and the sharing of problems and solutions. Every achievement is a source of pride for everyone. At ITS, we are professionals, colleagues, but above all friends who share the same passions. Our strength? The enthusiasm, curiosity, and energy we put into our work.”

Michele Titton, CEO

ITS è una società di ingegneria specializzata nella progettazione civile, infrastrutturale ed edile.

Opera in tutti i settori dell’ingegneria civile, per committenti pubblici e privati ponendo al centro del core business la cura e la manutenzione delle infrastrutture, delle opere e dei territori perché siano efficienti e in armonia con l’uomo e l’ambiente. Il nostro punto di forza è il gruppo, composto da ingegneri civili, disegnatori e modellatori BIM, ispettori delle infrastrutture e molti altri tecnici specializzati nei vari settori dell’area tecnica, capace di garantire interdisciplinarità ed alta qualità.

Specializzati nei vari settori dell’area tecnica, capace di garantire interdisciplinarità ed alta qualità.
ITS è specializzata nei progetti di ingegneria edile e strutturale con un approccio multidisciplinare. Infatti, l’azienda ha esperienza sul campo in diversi settori di ingegneria: strade e autostrade, ferrovie e materiale rotabile, trasporto pubblico e mobilità integrata, logistica e merci, acqua e ambiente, buildings, impianti e reti.

Our story


SS14 “Portogruaro” Variant

Design of steel bridges with composite sections and orthotropic slab begins


“S. Artemio”, Treviso Province Headquarters

Application of the technique for seismic isolation of buildings


ITS srl is founded

From an Associated Studio becomes an Engineering Company

SS51 “Cadore bridge”

Inspection and design activities related to bridge maintenance begin


SS13 “Priula bridge”

Application of “bridge over bridge” techinique


Inspection Department is founded

The team of qualified rope access Engineers who are responsible for the technical inspection of civil engineering works


Restyling of A2 “Salerno Reggio Calabria” Highway

Executive design

“Peace Park”, Vicenza

Design of an urban park of about 70ha


“Pontelungo” bridge, Bologna

Second application of “bridge over bridge” technique


Alpine Department is born

It deals to mountain engineering topics, in particular to hydrogeological, hydraulic and avalanche risk issues

“Ripa” road

Construction of a rockfall protection tunnel in the municipality of Vezzano Ligure

“San Michele” Bridge

Retrofitting of an historic bridge (1880) road and rail

Framework Agreement for ANAS SpA

for services related to the design of maintenance activities


“Col Drusciè” cableway (BL)

First significant service related to cableway systems

Prosecutor’s Office of Genoa

Awarding of assignment for inspection of highway bridges


“Lenzino” bridge

For ANAS SpA, final and executive design for the construction of the bridge following its collapse


“Bentegodi” Stadium

Assignment of seismic vulnerability assessment


Foreign Department is born

First contact for commercial development abroad

ITS Academy is born

The department dedicated to training and updating for workers in the infrastructure sector

ITS 2005-2023: la nostra storia

Our team

ITS Engineering Group is a highly specialized and dedicated team of professionals in the engineering sector. Composed of engineers, technicians, and expert designers, our team brings with it wide knowledge and skills in various areas of engineering. We are focused on providing innovative and sustainable solutions for complex challenges, offering consulting services, design, and project management. 
We operate in different sectors to offer high-level services
Currently, ITS has participated in the realization of more than 1200 projects, including those of particular complexity, of small, medium, and large scale, with special consideration for pre-established agreements from a technical as well as an economic, financial, and legal point of view.


Our Mission

Our MISSION is to offer expertise and passion to our clients, delivering smart solutions to handle complex scenarios.

Our team is young but incredibly talented and it’s trained to push the boundaries to the highest level.

Everyday we follow the values we believe in: Innovation, Know-how and Human factor.

Our vision

Our VISION is to offer global services using innovative solutions in agreement with the industrial competitiveness, the safety and the improvement of life quality.

The goal is to develop more efficient projects, to improve the socio-economic conditions of the territory, guaranteeing balancing functionality and form with environmental stewardship.

Our certifications

UNI/PDR 125:2022

We confirm our commitment to diversity and inclusion in full compliance with the goals set by the UN for Sustainable Development.

ISO 9001:2015

We guarantee the quality of our services, and we ensure full compliance with economic and timing requirements.

ISO 14001:2015

Our policy is aimed at environmental protection and pollution prevention.

ISO 45001:2018

Our aim is to improve employee safety, reducing workplace risks and creating better working conditions.

ISO 26000:2010

We care about ITS people by promoting a common understanding in the field of social responsibility.

ISO 39001:2012

We aim to prevent, monitor risks and continuously improve road safety performance.

Business Networks

Business Networks

Where there arises a need for project-related expertise, the client needs to rely on a single point of contact for all the project phases. EGGS and CIM were founded to pursue a common goal that is based on speed and efficiency. 
EGGS is a network of engineering companies and professional figures characterized by complementary skills: ITS srl, Giuppani Ingegneria srl, and Altevie Srl companies have been operating together since 2020 on the national territory. Among the services offered, in addition to design, work management, safety coordination, and assistance with testing, the EGGS network also includes operational management and non-destructive controls on cables, structural elements, and mechanical parts. EGGS positions itself as the first entity in Italy capable, in the field of cableway installations, of supporting the client from the initial idea, through the project, to the testing of the works, and subsequently, to the operation of the facility itself.
The Consorzio Italiano Manutenzione, CIM also called, is a business network established in 2022 that primarily deals with integrated engineering design services. It is a full-fledged company composed of Technital, Pro Iter, and ITS srl.

Our presence in the world

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