ANAS Framework Agreement – Tunnel Inspection

Main and in-depth inspections of tunnels of the Veneto Region Network Management Area

The intervention carried out concerns the visual and in-depth inspections of some tunnels on the ANAS roads of the Veneto Region. In particular, a first phase of geolocation of the works subject to inspection has been planned with the night closures of the tunnel to reduce as much as possible the inconvenience to normal road life (this service was also performed by ITS technicians by virtue of the technical employees trained and licensed to perform such road maneuvers). A subsequent phase involved the field of inspection according to ANAS internal guidelines and complying with MIT LL.GG, including visual inspection and a series of tests of both topographic and structural survey with: georadar tests, pacometric tests, ultrasonic tests, sclerometric tests, sonreb tests, concrete core samples, survey and depth of detected cracks, microcarots with videoendoscopies. In the final phase, a report was prepared including all of tests and services performed, along with a series of graphical drawings suitable for obtaining an objective view of the inspection that took place and to laboratory certificates of the tests performed.

Place: Veneto, Italy
Client: Anas Spa
Years: 2021
Cost amount: 150.960,00 €
Services: Surveys, inspections, investigations, seismic vulnerability, and technical-economic feasibility design