Lierza River

Lierza River hydraulic risk assessment

The Lierza is a watercourse with a torrential character located in the northern part of the province of Treviso. Following a mournful event, the municipality of Refrontolo has entrusted the hydraulic study of the watercourse to verify its criticality and define hazard scenarios in case of an exceptional event. The modeling of the hydrodynamic behavior of the waters of the Lierza River was developed, for the stretch limited to the area under study, by means of a computational model two-dimensional (full 2d) finite volumes by applying InfoWorks ICM software. The two-dimensional modeling of the watercourse allows to represent with accuracy the propagation of flood waves in the river rod and riparian areas adjoining with the peculiarity of highlighting the behavior of the current in the vicinity of abrupt narrowing/widening and strong bends. At the same time the representation in two-dimensional terms of the velocity field makes it possible to analyze the evolution of flooding induced by the propagation of flood waves within the examined area and to estimate the erosive capacity of the current.

Place: Veneto, Italy
Client: Municipality of Refrontolo
Years: 2015
Cost amount:
Categories: D.02
Services: Hydraulic study