New connecting road to Villorba

New road connecting the municipal Via della Cartiera to the settlement of San Sisto in the Municipality of Villorba

The intervention concerns the construction of the direct connection between the “Pontebbana” road, the “Postumia” road and the highway at Treviso North for a length of 3.8 km. The intervention has achieved the objective of improving viability in the northern quadrant of the toll booth by simplifying its accessibility. The work consists of a “ring road” bypassing to the north settlement of Catena di Villorba with a length of about 1.6 km between “via della Cartiera” and the “Postumia” road and a coplanar developed in parallel to the highway, with the end at Treviso North gate with a length of about 2.2 km, for a total of about 3.8 km. The road platform is typing D “sliding city” at one lane per direction of travel of 9.5 m width. The intervention includes the constructions of 3 roundabout intersections, an artificial tunnel with a railway underpass, a highway underpass, the extension of a highway underpass, and two other road underpasses.

Place: Veneto, Italy
Client: Province of Treviso and Municipality of Villorba
Years: 2009 – 2011
Cost amount: 11.9 million €
Categories: V.02, S.05, S.03, D.04, IA.03
Services: Operational structure management and safety coordination during execution