Dosolo-Guastalla Bridge

Emergency interventions to secure the Provincial connecting road infrastructure insisting on the Po River – bridge between the municipalities of Dosolo (MN) and Guastalla

This hydraulic study is part of the project also prepared by ITS of static improvement of the deck of the Dosolo-Guastalla bridge over the Po River by applying additional prestressing by means of external nonadherence. A dedicated hydraulic analysis was carried out that aims to determine the magnitudes hydraulics, fundamental to the verification of hydraulic compatibility of the bridge undergoing intervention, in the comparisons of hydraulic frankness, thrust and undermining. Thus, the modeling involved a river stretch of about 20 km, and the model has been calibrated and validated using official PAI data. The design flow rate was found to be of the order of 13’700 cu m/s. The lidar survey used for modeling was supplemented by a bathymetric survey for a section of the riverbed extended approximately 200 m downstream and 300 m upstream of the bridge, which allowed for a more accurate determination of the plani-altimetric course of the bottom of the riverbed and identify any undermining phenomena taking place on the structures in the riverbed.

Place: Lombardia – Emilia Romagna, Italy
Client: Provinces of Reggio Emilia e Mantua
Years: 2021 – ongoing
Cost amount: 4.500.000,00 €
Categories: D.02, S.03, S.04, V.02
Services: Final and executive design, geo-gnostic surveys, load tests