San Michele Bridge in Paderno D’Adda

Verification of the structural safety of the work

The assignment was characterized by the following operational phases:

  • Collection of available documentation;
  • Development of a preliminary FEM model for drafting a targeted investigation plan;
  • Drafting of an operational plan for the activities to be carried out;
  • A detailed investigation campaign that led to the survey and mapping of the actual state of decay of all parts of the work. This survey was carried out by structural engineers with the aid of alpine techniques to reach all parts of the structure at distances less than 1.5m;
  • Investigations and tests on the main structural elements of the work to achieve a level of knowledge LC3, according to the current regulations for existing bridges. In particular, the mechanical characterization consists of: destructive controls on carpentry steels (sampling of bars and nails – laboratory tests of traction, cutting, toughness, chemical analysis); non-destructive controls on carpentry steels (visual examination VT, magnetodynamics examination MT); investigations on the foundations (sampling of cores, uni-axial compression tests); investigations on the asphalt (drilling, thickness measurement);
  • Definition of the levels of vulnerability and safety of the structure with various combinations of load.
Place: Lombardy, Italy
Client: RFI Spa-Impresa Notari
Years: 2015 – 2016
Cost amount: 389.800,00 €
Services: Inspection and investigation, verification of static and seismic vulnerability, structural and functional adaptation