Giaveno cable-stayed bridge and Gassino bridge

Multilevel analysis: documentary research, inspections, investigation plan, support investigations, report on the state of the structure, and maintenance plan update

The interventions were based on a multilevel approach following the guidelines of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. For each structure, historical document research, Level 0 census, Level 1 visual inspection conducted by engineers from the Inspection team qualified as Level 2 and 3 bridge and walkway inspectors, the use of mobile APRs (Drones) even in critical areas to reach less accessible areas, and expertise in reaching confined spaces, such as the interior of decks assembled for post-tensioned cable concretes. Subsequently, a plan for special investigations was developed to obtain a correct assessment of the defectiveness of post-tensioned pre-compression cables, in the case of the Gassino Bridge, and of the heads of the stays and the antenna, in the Giaveno Bridge, to reach Level 4 as required by regulations in the case of post-tensioned structures. Finally, operational direction in situ investigations was provided, with preparation of the report on the state of the work in accordance with guidelines and updating the plan of maintenance for the two works.

Place: Piedmont, Italy
Client: Metropolitan City of Turin
Years: 2022
Cost amount: 37.730,00 €
Services: Multi-level analysis including census, inspections, survey plan drafting, on-site survey assistance, work status report, maintenance plan update.