Cable-Stayed bridge over the Livenza River

Inspections of the structural elements of the cable-stayed bridge along the “di Meduna” road over the Livenza river in the municipalities of Motta and Meduna di Livenza

The inspection activities carried out can be summarized in the following points:

  • Visual inspection of all the anchor tie rods placed at the shoulder Motta side of Livenza;
  • Visual inspection of the steel at the antenna head;
  • Visual inspection of all the cables with restoration of the sleeves that have had slips on the protective sheaths of the cables;
  • Control of the base and top heads with restoration/replacement of the protective grease;
  • Dynamic control of all the cables with the indirect determination of the internal tension;
  • Visual inspection of the expansion joints;
  • Visual inspection of the support devices.

All these inspections were carried out by structural engineers qualified for non-destructive control on 2nd level steels pursuant to the UNI EN ISO 9712:2012 standard and qualified for rope work pursuant to Legislative Decree 91 of 9/4/2008.

Place: Veneto, Italy
Client: Province of Treviso
Years: 2015
Cost amount: 35.900,00 €
Services: Inspection and Investigation