Road bridges and viaducts in the Province of Pescara

Inspection, investigation, and verification of static and seismic vulnerability of infrastructure in the Province of Pescara

The service included a seismic analysis of 13 structures in the Province of Pescara, independently performing activities such as surveys, investigations, on-site and laboratory tests, monitoring, and sampling for the characterization of existing works of art on the road network in the Province of Pescara. The investigations were carried out on 11 bridges and 2 viaducts. In various cases, detailed structural surveys were conducted using a mechanical total station of the Trimble M3 type, equipped with high-precision Trimble DR long-range survey technology to obtain highly reliable measurements. Various types of tests were conducted to achieve a high level of accuracy (LC3). For example, on structures: core drilling, micro-core drilling, reinforcement sampling, pacometric testing. On the subsoil: seismic surveys with Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW), passive seismic investigations (Horizontal-to-Vertical Spectral Ratio – HVSR), and geomechanical surveys. For each structure, vulnerability checks for seismic actions were carried out with FEM modeling, created using MIDAS GEN software, involving three-dimensional modeling of structures based on surveyed geometries, using exclusively fiber-modeled beam elements so that they capture the nonlinearity of materials and have the same mechanical characteristics as those detected during on-site investigations.

Place: Abruzzo, Italy
Client: Province of Pescara
Years: 2017
Cost amount: 72.405,00 €
Services: Survey, inspection, and investigation, seismic vulnerability assessment