Ski Area Rumerlo network road

New access to the ski areas of Rumerlo and Piè Tofana – plan for the in interventions for the CORTINA 2021 Ski World Championship

The intervention mainly concerns the construction of a bypass road to the Rumerlo finish area, to allow the modification of the latter according to requests of the FIS (International Ski Federation). The bypass consists of the construction of a stretch of a road with a total length of about 640 m with a platform with a width of 6.0 m. In addition to the road, the project includes the construction of the FINISH AREA, the arrival area of the two racetracks identified as the “Stratofana” (women) and “Vertigine” (men) tracks for which a single finish area is planned in Rumerlo. The new arrival is equipped with all the technical infrastructure, media spaces, reception areas for spectators, security services, transit, and parking areas.

Place: Veneto, Italy
Client: Cortina 2021 Foundation – Ministry of the Infrastructure and Transport
Years: 2019
Cost amount: 4.8 million €
Categories: V.03, S.03, S.04, S.05, D.04, P.02, IA.01
Services: Technical and economic feasibility design, final and executive design, safery coordination during design